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Did you know…

  • In Washoe County, 23% of adults are obese and only 24% of adults eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Low-income and food insecure people are the most vulnerable to becoming obese.
  • Of the food produced in the United States, 40% goes uneaten.
  • The choices we make about the food we eat have a greater impact on climate change than our choice of transportation.
  • By 2050, the world will need to feed 2 billion more people.

WCFPC focuses on increasing local food in our community, improving equal access to healthy food and supporting policies that help local farmers grow and sell their produce. With many of the current master plans being updated, WCFPC is following the process to make sure local food is included at every step. Find out more about our work by attending a meeting or following us on Facebook or Twitter.