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Tom Stille, owner of the River School Farm in Reno blends backgrounds in horticulture, landscape architecture, teaching, travel and art. He holds a degree in horticulture from Iowa State University and another in recreation and leisure studies from California State University in San Jose. Stille has a special interest in bioregional landscape approach with native and drought-tolerant plants, and local production of fruits and vegetables. Tom has been busy over the past 15 years cultivating, planting, and shaping his land along the Truckee River at 7777 White Fir Street in Reno. Visit his farm, and you will find multiple gardens full of food and flowers; free range chickens and ducks giving eggs and meat; compost piles providing rich and nutritious soil; a greenhouse and cold frames for cold weather growing; and, grapes, fruit trees, and other perennial bearers. Any time you stop by you’ll see something ready to eat or use.  At the River School Farm, you can also learn through hands-on workshops and lectures how to live a more sustainable life. Visit them at